Let’s continue this conversation in bed, she whispered, my legs can’t wait to hear what your hands have to say. - Michael Faudet  (via michaelfaudet)

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how I wear art is none of your business

"The difference between people with tattoos and people without tattoos is that people with tattoos don’t give a shit if you don’t have any."
Sometimes you end up never speaking to someone who meant the world to you again. And that’s okay. You cope and you survive. Don’t let your losses keep you back from new gains. -I wish someone had told me this when I was hurting, y.g.  (via atmosthetic)

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There are days that I cannot find the sun even though its right outside my goddamn window. -Neil Hilborn, “This is Not the End of the World” (via beba-s)

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Why people ask me shit like “how was work?” or “how is school?” like work is work, school is school, I would rather be on a yacht right now while gettin some dick but here I am

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Sabrina the Teenage Bitch

want disney posts on your dash?

want disney posts on your dash?